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Sell Your Boat Online Fast

Whether you’re cashing out of your investment or if you are selling it to buy another boat, we can help you sell your boat online fast on Our premium Boats listings deliver up to 5 times the exposure of standard ads and offer more options for marketing your Boat. Select a package below and we will find the perfect buyer for you!

Premium Package

Our Premium Ads are the best ads, giving you 30% more chances to sell fast your boat. The Premium Ads have the highest exposure in the search results by being brought on top of the list every day and are displayed on the homepage in rotation with the other Premium Ads. They have unlimited photos and, most important, benefit from Premium Newsletter (with your boat only) and special exposure in the other newsletters.

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Featured Package

Our Featured Ad is our second option, offering plenty of photos to show off your Boat’s best features. Also will be automatically brought on top of the list once per week (of course there is the option to bring your boat more often on top of the list, manually from your account).

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Standard Package

Our Standard Ad is the third option and is chosen by the customers who ask a lower than average price for their boat. These listings include 10 photos and can be brought on top of the list only manually, from your account.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to sell my Boat online?

If you want to display your Boat prominently in our search results, our Premium Ad is the right choice for you. It comes with a full set of features including: unlimited pictures, display on our home page (in rotation with other premium ads), the premium newsletter and auto-update every day. If you're confident your Boat will get enough attention based on high-quality photos and detailed description, the Featured Ad is a popular choice. If you’ve listed your Boat at a lower price, the Standard Ad may be the best fit for you. Whichever you choose, all of our packages will help you reach the right audience of Boats buyers in Canada.

Why should I choose a Premium Ad over a Featured Ad or a Standard Ad?

When selling a high-value item like a Boat, it’s important that you are reaching the most qualified audience. Our research shows that our Premium Ads deliver 3 times the exposure of Featured Ads and 5 times the exposure of Standard Ads because they offer more options for marketing your Boat - including home page display, daily auto-update, premium newsletter. The Premium Ads will also benefit from a dedicated account manager that can take care of all your requests. Further, a premium ad make it clear to potential buyers that the seller is serious about selling their Boat, and as a result, consumers feel more confident in their shopping experience.

How do I price my Boat?

Pricing your Boat is very important since the starting price can easily make or break the sale of your boat. Asking too much may dissuade potential buyers from requesting more information, while asking too little may make many buyers suspicious and wary of making an offer. If you find yourself asking “how much is my Boat worth?” you need to take into consideration the following aspects: the market demand, how rare your boat is, the condition of your Boat as well as the project potential. You can also consult the NADA Guide valuations or ask for a professional appraisal from a specialized company.

Can you give me some tips for selling my boat?

These top tips will help you attract more interest and get the best price for your vehicle. When you create a private listing, it's a good idea to:
- Clean your boat inside and out to get it looking as close to like new as possible;
- Take photographs of your boat after a good clean and ideally in good weather;
- Make sure your photos are top quality: images should be close enough to show the condition of your boat, whilst keeping your entire boat in frame;
- Detail your vehicle from all angles, including inside the cabin;
- Set a realistic asking price for your boat;
- Set your negotiation terms: whether your asking price is a "firm" deal, a "best offer" or "negotiable";
- Be honest about your vehicle and its condition - stick to the facts in your description;
- Mention any modifications (though be aware that some customisations can limit your number of potential buyers);
- Provide details about your boat's service history - maintenance records and receipts will show a buyer you care for your boat;
- Make sure you have all necessary paperwork for selling your boat.